No Problem–Customer Service

Like everyone else I’ve been doing a lot of holiday shopping recently: book stores, grocery stores, liquor stores, coming home broke and exhausted, just like everyone else. I’m also coming home irritated (luckily I’ve hit the liquor store), by the now apparently universal policy of cashiers and workers at drive through windows and store clerks […]

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Who’s afraid of ghost…writers?

How would you feel if I told you all the tweets and Facebook posts your television idol made were done by someone else? You’ll find that fictionalized in my novel Design My Life, but sadly it is often all too true–especially when it comes to what celebrity hosts claim to write. Would you believe me […]

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The truth behind reality television makeover shows

Now that I’ve published my novel Design My Life–based on my career in lifestyle television production, people often ask me “How much of your book is true?” Well, it’s a novel, so by definition it’s fiction; it’s made up; it’s not true. But the more correct and honest answer is: It’s all true, but none […]

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Seriously, a blog?

  I’m Liza Drozdov: writer, gardener, entrepreneur, mother, friend, daughter and cat servant. When I first decided to blog I asked myself–and still ask myself –why the hell I’m doing it? Why would I, why would anyone, want to start a blog? What do I have to add of value to the sum total of […]

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