A wicked expose of DIY television, Design My Life is the story of Jane Forte–winner of a design competition series who scores a dream job on the hit television makeover series starring decorating diva Sandy Lewis–a designer who specializes in Decorative Finishes! Paint Effects! Unique Repurposing! And Exclamation Marks!

As Design Assistant to Sandy, Jane finds herself styling and propping shoots, scouting locations, managing bungled makeovers and greedy homeowners, while Sandy takes all the credit and pretends she doesn’t exist. When a hot contractor is brought onto the series to boost ratings and Nicole, the network’s new design darling, starts biting close at Sandy’s heels, Jane’s job of making Sandy look good, whatever it takes, becomes even more impossible.

When embarrassing videos of Sandy are leaked online and go viral, Jane takes on ruthless network executives, ambitious producers and devious rivals–all angling for Sandy’s top spot on the network. In the frenzied rush to finish shooting the season on time and on budget, will Jane find the courage to stop being Sandy’s ghost and step out of her shadow?

Design My Life is real insider’s look at the truth behind lifestyle television: the over the top designs, self-styled designers, ridiculously hot contractors and aspirational renovations that inspire countless DIYers and weekend warriors.

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